Vision, Mission & Values


The Ethiopian Institute of Corporate Governance (EICG) aims to contribute its share towards the evolution of a dynamic, ethical and responsible business community which compiles to the standards of both local and international Corporate Governance.


EICG strives to nurture a vital, sustainable and responsible business community with companies operating on international standards of accountability, fairness and transparency contributing to the economic and social transformation of the country


  • To develop, publish and maintain the Ethiopian Corporate Governance Code for the guidance of all private, state and community-owned corporate business in Ethiopia;
  • To create awareness and promote good Corporate Governance in the business community in line with the Ethiopian Corporate Governance Code;
  • To serve its members and affiliates with up-to-date knowledge of framework and best practices for governance and management of corporate businesses;
  • To establish and maintain regional and international relations with institutions and networks that promote good Corporate Governance;
  • To serve as focal point for business leaders, government officials, researchers and academics, and facilitates exchange of experiences and joint learning about business excellence;
  • To stimulate the business community, investigate and publish the state of its compliance with the Ethiopian Corporate Governance Code;


  • Conduct advocacy and awareness creation activities including promotion of the aims and concepts of Corporate Governance to the government and academic institutions as well as the business community;
  • Provide membership development services recruiting and maintaining members of the EICG, and providing services including arrangements for meetings and possibilities for networking among members, periodic information and up-dates on key Corporate Governance and management issues;
  • Undertake Corporate Governance training and providing information, by organizing training programs seminars, in-house training programs and consultation on Corporate Governance topics;
  • Conduct research and development including regional and international relations for the development, maintenance, updating and periodic publishing of the Ethiopian Corporate Governance Code and related governance subjects;
  • Provision of academic cooperation and support with the aim of influencing and supporting the academic education of future generation of business leaders and business professionals regarding the principles and application methods of Corporate Governance;

Expected Outputs

The EICG shall have periodic internal performance evaluation and reporting mechanisms with distinctly measurable results and impacts. The major outputs include:

Output 1: A duly edited Ethiopian Corporate Governance Code (ECGC) is published for wider utilization and dissemination;
Output 2: An increased observance in the number of companies complying with the principles laid out in the ECGC and its guidelines;
Output 3: A credible and self-sustaining corporate services provider will be put in place;
Output 4: Creation of a platform for dialogue among stakeholders on Corporate Governance;
Output 5: Regular disclosure by companies on compliance to ECGC’s principles and procedures;
Output 6: Establishment of a fully organized membership-based Ethiopian Institute of Corporate Governance (EICG)

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